Cashew Packaging

Cashew kernels have a high nutritive value. When exposed to air, kernels tend to lose their nutritive value, color and taste. Correct selection, design and construction of packaging are very vital to ensure loss-free transport, these important requirements placed on the product itself.

At Gadiyars, we provide cashews with both domestic and export type of packaging. Flexi Packaging Systems for Bulk Vacuum Packaging of cashew kernels has really revolutionized the Export packaging of cashew kernels from India & abroad. It has replaced the more expensive and crude method of packaging with economical and more importantly environment friendly packaging, which offers extended shelf stability to cashew kernels. Flexi packaging is being replicated in domestic market as well due the economy, shelf stability, quality, convenience etc.

Cashew Related Info

Cashew Grades

Cashews are graded on how white they are and how broken the kernel is. Following are the different grades. more info

Flavoured Cashews

Flavored cashew nuts are favorite between meal or a snack and a special addition to salads and stir-fry dishes.  more info


Correct selection, design and construction of the packaging is just as important for loss-free transport.  more info