Coconut Powder

Found throughout the tropic and subtropic area, the coconut is known for its great versatility as seen in the many domestic, commercial, and industrial uses of its different parts. Coconuts are part of the daily diet of many people. When immature they are known as tender-nuts and may be harvested for drinking. When mature they still contain some water and can be used as seednuts or processed to give oil from the kernel, charcoal from the hard shell and coir from the fibrous husk. India is one of the leading producers of coconuts in the world. For food preparations, fresh coconuts are used in small quantities but desiccated coconut are very popular with several applications round the year. Coconut oil is used as a cooking medium in certain parts of the country and it is also popular hair oil. We supply below desiccated coconut powder and flakes in India and overseas.

Desiccated Coconut and flakes: Desiccated coconut, also known as coconut powder, is in dry form and has many applications. Desiccated Coconut is a grated, dried, and unsweetened fresh meat or kernel of a mature fruit of coconut. Its shelf life is longer and it is easy to transport. Availability of fresh coconuts is limited to coastal areas only and hence desiccated coconut is popular in all other regions..The main consumers of desiccated coconut are confectionary and biscuit industry. It is also used in the preparation of sweets, curry, farsan and chikkies, varieties of chutney and many other food and snack preparations. Thus, restaurants, dhabas, canteens, sweet, farsan and chikki manufacturers, certain food processing units and caterers are bulk and regular consumers. Bulk and Retail packaging is available as per requirement.

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