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At Gadiyars, we have large number of Manufacturers, Traders, Confectioners’ amalgamating under one single roof. We deal with Raw Cashewnuts, Cashew Kernels, Dessicated Coconut Powder, Flakes and other allied products. We ensure that both seller and buyer get a fair deal as far as market is concerned. Being in the industry from past many years has not only made us experienced dealers but also has given us an edge in the market. Owing to the way we function, we are considered as one of the best canvassing agents in the cashew Industry. We import and export top quality cashews and cashew by products over an extensive network across the world. We also are one of the prudent brokers of cashew in India. We pledge to serve you better and keep up the good work.

Cashew Related Info

Cashew Grades

Cashews are graded on how white they are and how broken the kernel is. Following are the different grades. more info

Flavoured Cashews

Flavored cashew nuts are favorite between meal or a snack and a special addition to salads and stir-fry dishes.  more info


Correct selection, design and construction of the packaging is just as important for loss-free transport.  more info